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Scientific Description of the ATMOP Project


Peer-reviewed papers related to ATMOP activities

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Presentations at Conferences related to ATMOP activities

M. Menvielle, F. El-Lemdani Mazouz, C. Lathuillère and A. Chambodut, A statistical study of the longitude dependence of geomagnetic activity (invité), XXV UGGI General Assembly, Melbourne, Australie, 2011.

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A.D. Aylward, G.Millward, M.Harris and I. Mueller-Wodarg. ES0803 meeting on modeling of Space Weather in Spineto, Italy, June 2012. Alan Alyward used ATMOP work as an illustration of what modelling was accomplishing in a COST ES0803 workshop on atmospheric modelling at Spineto (Italy) in June 2012

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Contribution from ATMOP to ESWW9-splinter: Atmospheric Effects, by Sean Bruinsma

Bruinsma S.L., The DTM2012 thermosphere model in the framework of the FP7 project ATMOP, 9th  Space Weather Week, Brussels, Belgique, Novembre 2012.

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Edmund Henley, David Jackson, Alex Chartier, David Johnson, Design of a Thermosphere-Ionosphere Data Assimilation Scheme, AGU Fall meeting, December 2012


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